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What is Mindthecolor? It is a multifunctional plugin that will streamline your workflow with groundbreaking tools not included in Photoshop.

You will seamlessly obtain the color schemes you aimed at thanks to accurate image analysis and micro managing options you can wield throughout the entirety of post production, results will be of the highest standard on the market.

within the package you will find tools such as:

Curve Matching (CurveM) is a state of the art algorithm that will make using the photoshop curves a simplified and intuitive experience: local and global contrast management can be used to enhance tri dimensionality of an image, avoiding halos chromatic distortions that might undermine it’s quality.

 Vectorscope will give you the chroma analysis you need and the option of accessing Camera raw instruments directly within Photoshop: color wheels in gradient, solids and curves, are customizable in order to make color grading more intuitive and versatile.

There are many more instruments that contribute in making Mindthecolor the swiss army knife for color grading in photoshop, but be advised, it is aimed at experienced  to  advanced photoshop users!

minimum requirements : Windows 10 or mac os x – Adobe Photoshop 2018-2019-2020-2021

Installable on 2 devices.


Installation and prefs

Luminosity mask


Color Wheels

Gradient Map







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